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In Brief: 10 Qs to Jeff Friedman, Manager of Civic Innovation and Participation – Philadelphia

Interview with Jeff Friedman, Manager of Civic Innovation and Participation City of Philadelphia – Mayor’s Office 1. What is “Civic Innovation and Participation” for the City of Philadelphia?  It’s what the City and its partners are doing at the intersection

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The Usual Stipulations – Deposition Mythology

Every lawyer has heard the phrase “usual stipulations” at their first deposition.  I swallowed a few four-letter words in my stomach the first time I heard the suggested “usual” stips.”  Nothing was usual!  This was my first deposition and although

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Using Social Media for Discovery Has Ethical Implications.

By Thomas G. Wilkinson, Jr. and Lindsey E. Wilkinson It has become common practice for lawyers to mine social media pages of parties and witnesses for discovery purposes.   But can the urge to dig up dirt on opposing parties cause lawyers

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10 Things a Lawyer Should Never Say in a Social Setting – Cocktail Party Chatter

Many lawyers have a tendency to brag about their work over cocktails with just about anybody who cares to listen.  It is a combination of ego and selling.  Recently, I was a faculty panel member at a PA Bar Institute program entitled “Cocktail

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Witness Preparation – Ask Your Questions. Get the Right Answer

Witness preparation is one of the most important components of trial and litigation practice.  A simple but overlooked part of preparation is asking your witness your actual questions.  You may have two or twenty essential questions that you must ask

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Corporate Mutiny of the Whistleblower’s Bounty

  Recently, GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay $750 million to resolve criminal and civil charges brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ).  The case centered on the sale of contaminated products which were manufactured at a factory located in Puerto Rico. 

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Client Costs and Litigation Expenses: Ticket to Toledo

  I need to get to Toledo.  I can fly PennAir or OhioJet, same flight times.  I am a preferred member on PennAir and receive “free” upgrades, bonus miles, and all the things which make me believe PennAir prefers me. 

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The King’s Speech – A Trial Lawyer’s Stutter

By Dave Walton The King’s Speech just won the Academy Award for Best Picture.  People are now interested in the story about King George VI who had a speech impediment (a stutter) and his fight to overcome his stutter and

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Changes, Cha-Cha-Changes – Deponent review and signature

Judge Martin C. Carlson of the Middle District of PA, sanctioned two non-party witnesses for providing false and misleading deposition testimony. According to Judge Carlson’s opinion the witnesses’ lies were not revealed until errata sheets were submitted by defense counsel.  It reminded

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Impeachment on Direct – How to deal with unexpected testimony on direct examination – Part 2

Impeachment on Direct How to deal with unexpected testimony on direct examination – Part 2 You call your last witness and things are going great.  A verdict in your client’s favor will be soon to follow.  All you have to

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