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Guess Who’s Coming to the Deposition?

I was about to start a deposition at Stained Glass Factory located somewhere between Syracuse and Utica. The owner of the factory decided he wanted to sit in on the deposition of one of his employees. As a new associate,

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Repeat Offender – Community-Based Prosecution

A few months ago, the Philadelphia Criminal Court System underwent a profound change.  The recently-elected Philadelphia District Attorney, Seth Williams, decided to move to a community-based prosecution model.  The theory is that the prosecutors will have a better understanding of

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The ups and downs of Upjohn

Good morning Mr. Employee.  Thank you for meeting with me.   Sitting next to me is Ms. Auditor and she will be taking notes of our interview.  I am the lawyer for the company you work for.  I’m here to ask

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Strike that.

Everyone’s parents had a seemingly different remedy for the hiccups.  I had to hold my arms straight in the air while my mother slowly poured a glass of milk into my mouth. There would be a brief pause — she

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